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Satellite Meetings 

Programme CANVA SM 19.05.png

Treatment of Anisotropy of Data and Models in Crystallographic Software

Organizer : Harry POWELL

Robert Stewart school 2 : spin and charge densities modelling

Organizer : Nicolas CLAISER & Mohamed SOUHASSOU

Mechanical properties and phenomena in crystals

Organizer : Panče NAUMOV, Sharmarke MOHAMED

CCP4 and CCPEM workshops on crystallography and cryo-electron microscopy

Organizer : Charles BALLARD

Cambridge Structural Database for structural chemists and biologists

Organizer : Arie VAN DER LEE

CrysAC Micro- and nano-diffraction for cultural heritage

Organizer : Gilberto ARTIOLI &   Partha PRATIM DAS

Young Crystallographers Satellite meeting

Organizer : Phil HANS, Marta MORANA, Camille GODEFROY

Electron Crystallography School

Organizer : Philippe BOULLAY

Mathematics and Computer Science for Materials Innovation : Crystal-Lattice Classifications

Organizer : Vitaliy KURLIN

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